December 15, 2008

 We're in full Christmas swing around here, and this weekend was filled with lots of holiday joy.  First, we visited Santa's Tree Farm.  We've already declared it our new tradition.
For one thing, we managed to find a tree that makes both this Florida girl and a boy who grew up with 'real' Christmas trees very happy.  And we visited with the local residents, keeping a safe distance from the Grinch.  He is definitely conflicted about his grinchiness, though.  He kept coming up asking for attention and trying to convince us the big sign was a big lie and we should pay it no mind.But, we felt it safer to go to the holiday party and hang out with an elf who paints faces.  Plus,  we're pretty sure in her contract she promised not to bite.And now we're spending each evening enjoying the glitter of the Christmas tree.  I really love the Christmas season.

p.s. I've also been doing some Christmas sewing.  I'll post photos soon!

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