December 30, 2008

The Crafty Gifts

Knowing that I had committed to finishing a quilt for Christmas, I was determined to keep the rest of the Christmas crafting simple.This scarf, for my other aunt, was the only other thing in the queue. I started it just to keep my hands busy when my grandmother was in the hospital. Nothing portable was on the needles, and I'd just finished my linen wrap. So, I grabbed the needles and leftover yarn and cast on for a scarf in the same pattern. While we waited, my aunt admired the emerging pattern and so I knew it was meant to be hers. I was right; she loved it.
But, as it turned out, Wandering Flamingoes, the scarf and a super-secret project for the early spring were all completed well in advance of Christmas. And so, I added another project to the queue, naturally. My almost-married-and-actually-cooking-these-days sister needed an Emmeline apron to go with the cutting board she requested. I mean, look at that cute gathered bodice.
And its power to be easily reversed when you've made a mess of your apron just as your guests are walking in the door.
And the fact that she loves it. She also looks so much better in it than I did. I should probably figure out why and what to adjust before I make one for myself, because I will definitely be making one for myself.

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