December 30, 2008

Christmas, Part I

Alex and I spent Christmas with his family this year. It was an adjustment for me, without a question. I have missed only one other Christmas morning with my family in my 32 years, and I've never gone all of Christmas day without them. But, we dodged this decision all the years we dated by never spending Christmas together. I am not willing to do that now, obviously. And so, we spent our first Christmas morning at home by ourselves, and then hosted my family Christmas night. Our second Christmas day we spent with my family, and so this year Alex needed the time with his family. And while it was different, as family traditions inevitably are, it was lovely.
Instead of dogs sniffing at the packages, there was a guardian cat.
And there was still an abundance of great food. (Including the inevitable whole lamb that graces any major celebration at my father-n-law's home. My mother-in-law confided this year that she's a bit tired of the lamb, actually.)
With the extended family in Bulgaria, there was a much smaller, calmer celebration. And with no young kids around, it was a Christmas lunch when the twenty-something year old finally woke up.
There was plenty of whimsy, including these caviar snowmen on their snowboards. I love these.
And, I got to watch an 8 year old girl trounce Alex at boxing.

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Anonymous said...

send her over. I need someone to trounce my man's bottom