December 21, 2008

His and Hers

My Christmas crafting is coming to a close, and I am finally getting around to taking pictures before wrapping things up. This scarf was a last minute addition to my Christmas list. My cousin's and their on-the-cusp-of-being-teenagers kids are coming to Florida to see us for Christmas; the first Christmas I've spent with them since I left D.C. Its also only the second time I've seen the kids since I left D.C. almost seven years ago.

I wanted something special for them, and of course that means handmade. I already had one Rubblework Scarf that I made last Christmas but ended up not gifting when the intended recipient didn't spend the holiday with us after all. I pulled it out, and I knew it was the perfect gift for my young cousin. And, when I found the wonderful solar system fabric, a matching scarf for her brother was a given.

Of course, my to do list was already long and my time short. Fortunately, the Rubblework Scarf is an easy evening's work. I easily finished it up and delivered it, along with its sister, to my Mom. She'll be putting together a basket of goodies to keep them entertained on the long drive back up. We figure these flannel backed beauties will help keep them warm as they leave Florida and head back in to the snow.

(Unfortunately, the colors aren't true in these photos, but they are the closest I can get. The second flannel is not burgundy, but a rich purple.)

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